Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Congratulations Opó-Ybaté!!!

Opó Ybaté Circus School is celebrating it's birthday!
We congratulate them and wish they celebrate many more years!

Here, some pictures to remember their of gesture of solidarity in last year's Children's Day in Puerto Azara.

They have promised to como back this year, we are looking forward to it!!



Programa de la Variettè

20:00hs. (Afuera) - Candombe, Swing, Malabares y Zancos con los chicos de La Curamales y Grupo Arlequin

20:(¿20?)hs. AMBIENT con NATURAL (mientras entramos al taller)

20:30hs. Simbiosis Natural (tela)2

0:45hs. TeUNaM (teatro)

21:00hs. Las Fulanas (Swing)

21:15hs. Los Siameses (malabares)

21:20hs. Las Chicas Superpoderosas (tela)

21:30hs. NTRL NOISE & TRAPEZE (musica y trapecio)

22:00hs. Oh! Felina (clown)

22:15hs. TeUNaM (teatro)

22:30hs. ZoeSolo (tela)

22:40hs. Cierre con los nuevos Alumnos (tela, trapecio y swing)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Communal Wardrobe

Since mid 2007 the "Communal Wardrobe Proyect" is taking place.

Pinguelas reciebes donations of used clothes and shoes.
When the women from Puerto Azara were asked about which would be the best way to distribute these donations, they decided that they could set up a Communal Wardrobe that sold the clothes at very low prices. The money obtained from the sales would be distributed as following: a part for the woman in charge of it, and the other one would be destinated to a found with which other mini-proyects would be financed.
We consulted to the persons and organizations that had made the donations, and they agreed with the proyect.
With the sales from the donations recieved throughout 2007, since the proyect began to function, 200 pesos were collected. $100 were for the woman in which house, for the moment, the Proyect is working, and the other $100, were destined to the Christmass Festivity, for the buying of ingredients for the "empanadas" that were shared by the whole community during the Living Nativity.

To continue with this Proyect we need:
  • Clothes, shoes, coats, bedcloathes, towels, etc.
  • A proper wardrobe or similar to keep the clothes.
  • A sewing machine to make repairs.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008

The School has it's own venue!!!

Thanks to Kovalski family's donation, Marcial de Lorenzana Puerto Azara School has it's own place!!!
There's a lot to do...!

As you can see, we need EVERYTHING


Monday, December 31, 2007

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bethlehem in Puerto Azara




We invite you to share Christmas with a family of the locality of Puerto Azara.

The idea is that each family that decides to collaborate helps a particular family, with a box of Christmas Treats for their table and a message of joy and hope for the holydays.

The preparation of the box requires just to open and predispose your heart, putting yourselves in the shoes of the family that recieves it.

We are not looking for this to be a help with food, but that these families, within their rough reality, receive this box as a message of faith and hope and that they get to feel special in a way. It is important to decorate the box and to enclose holyday cards, messages or drawings made by your kids.

Let's become aware of the fact that joining in this proyect means a commitment with a particular family that will be expecting our help. That's why we ask you only to join the project if youi are sure that you will be able to deliver the box.

We suggest the following content: "pan dulce", pudding, nougat candy, sodas, candy.

Boxes should be delivered until friday, december 21 in Pinguelas (Estado de Israel 2840, Posadas, Misiones, Argentina)

Contact Details:
Phone: +54 03752 15 741739

E-Mail: a.pinguelas@gmail.com


This is the leaflet we distributed among neighbours